The GiuRu (Giuventega Rumantscha) promotes contacts between young people from the five different Romansh regions. It offers young Rhaeto-Romans money, communication and help with the realization of a Romansh cultural project. GiuRu is a member of the Lia Rumantscha association and can send four delegates to the assemblies.

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Board GiuRu 2022
  • Naomi Arpagaus, presidenta
  • Maurus Bundi, vicepresident
  • Angelica Augustin, actuara
  • Leta Arpagaus, cassiera
  • Michelle Parli, assessura
  • Manuel Sonder, assessur


Projects and current events are presented on our social media channels. :)


Become active!

GiuRu offers different possibilities and platforms to promote the Romansh language. Your help is welcomed aswell :)

social media

Instagram is your world? Our working group for social media is glad to receive your help. If you're interested, contact us via the contact form below on this page.


If you're interested in technology you can help us to maintain our infrastructure and widen our digitalisation process. Just give us a pinginformatica@giuru.ch


«Zulprins» is the name of the section for young authors, a section published in collaboration between Giuventegna Rumantscha and FMR Fundaziun Medias Rumantschas. The common goal of GiuRu and FMR is to give young authors space and a voice. So let the «Zulprins» make sparks here or there! You too are welcome to send us your text or picture to the e-mail address giuru@giuru.ch


GiuRu organizes from time to time cozy meetings at different places. If you want to gather, drink a beer or a juice and talk you are welcomed to our meetings. Further information is published on our social media channels.


GiuRu participates in international seminars in which you can represent the Romansh. If interested contact us with the form on the bottom of this page.


Membership means: receiving news from time to time, the possibility to participate in workshops - even international ones, support for your projects and every year a general assembly.


To support your project we need a description that includes the following points:

  • intent of the project
  • budget
    • expenses
    • entries
    • Desired amount of money with short argumentation and form (direct contribution, deficite guarantee, credit)
  • personal indications
    • first name, last name
    • name of organisation, association
    • correspondence address
    • contact (e-mail, phone)
    • banc data

Please send the information to giuru@giuru.ch


Lia Rumantscha

Umbrella organisation for all Rumantschia, based in Chur.


Umbrella organisation of linguistic, national and ethnic minorities in Europe, based in Berlin.


For everyone who likes to play soccer and getting to know other cultures and minorities the Europeada is great. This tournament takes place every four years at a different place. More information can be found here:CB Rumantsch

Nus discurrin rumantsch

Map for Romansh companies and regional products.

Posta Rumantscha

The 'Posta Rumantscha' is a mailing list with about 600 addresses. If you register with Posta Rumantscha, you will receive mails from all over Rumantschia and you can send your own mails to a wide audience.


Giuventetga Rumantscha
Hohenbühlweg 4
7000 Chur

You can contact us per mail using the following address giuru@giuru.chor with the following form: